Higher than the heavens above!

When I started to put together ideas for the (long overdue) 3rd mixtape, I was playing around with acapellas in my sampler and this one just really hit.

What originally was a very messy mash-up, with vocal edits all over the place, took about six months off and on to evolve into this deep house tinged mix of Mariah Carey’s classic “Emotions.”  Hope you like what I came up with, enjoy below.  Continue reading



Hey there,

I thought it was able time I got on and made a website for myself. So, here we are – i’m gonna keep it short and sweet. I wanted a place to keep you up to date with everything i’m doing, musically and whatever else inspires me.

It’s been quite a roller coaster of a year, i’ve done things I never thought i’d accomplish. Here’s to another year making music, and many to come.

Official website.